5 Ways a Personal Shopper Makes Your Life Easier

Have you ever wondered how a personal shopper could make your life easier?  When Kristel Closets started in 2006, our goal was to do just that.  Many people feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they shop.  With over ten years spent working with our private clients, we have expert insight into what clients want and where to find it.

5 Ways a Personal Shopper Makes your Life Easier

5 Ways a Personal Shopper Makes Your Life Easier


You’ll Try (and Like!) things you never tried before

One of the best pieces of feedback we hear in the dressing room with a client is, “I would have NEVER picked this out – and I LOVE it.” A personal shopper will help push you out of your comfort zone while still focusing on your individual style.  If you often feel like you never find what you want when you need it, a personal shopper may be exactly what you need.

You’ll Save Time

Spending hours wandering the mall is an annoying waste of time.  You likely lose your patience and leave empty handed.  A personal shopper knows the mall and specialty stores inside and out.  Not only do they now where to shop but they know where NOT to shop.  Our clients are often shocked when we finish our appointment within two hours.  They tell us they can’t find great fitting jeans in two hours, let alone a new wardrobe! If you meet with a personal shopper twice a year, you’ll end up only shopping for yourself 4 – 5 hours a year.  Compare that to what you spend on your own.  It’s a huge time saver.

You’ll Save Money

People who work with a personal shopper often say they make fewer mistakes shopping and where more of their clothes.  Imagine the money you would save if you liked everything you bought and wore it frequently.  No more clothes with the tags still on them hanging in your closet. Not only would you have saved money, but what you spent would have significant value. Independent personal shoppers are usually not compensated by commission like those that represent a brand or store.  Simply put, what you buy does not affect their compensation.  Their success rests on your satisfaction, referrals and repeat business.  That’s why good personal shoppers make every effort to get you what you need, resulting in pieces you love to wear and not wasteful spending.

You’ll lower your stress levels

A pushy salesperson can ruin your shopping experience.  That’s why your personal shopper acts as a buffer between you and an overbearing sales associate.  It’s your personal shopper’s responsibility to look after you and keep your best interest top of mind.  She’ll do that by managing the flow of inventory that comes into your room, keep it organized and respectfully say, “no thank you” to recommendations that don’t meet your needs. 

You’ll always look current and modern.

One of the most popular reasons someone works with a personal shopper is to update their look.  Whether you are looking for personal or professional reasons a personal shopper can take your look into the current decade and keep it there.  It’s your shopper’s job to not only know the trends but which ones are right for you and how to wear them. After you work with a personal shopper for a while, she’ll know your style even better than you and will pull pieces to build on your wardrobe.  You will end up looking perfectly pulled together without having to put in any of the work.

Megan Kristel is the founder of Kristel Closets, Inc.  Established in 2006, Kristel Closets, Inc. has a team of image consultants and personal shoppers in the metro regions of Philadelphia, New Jersey/ New York and Washington D.C. In addition to Kristel Closets, Inc., Megan is the creator of Style Maker University, an online coaching program designed to help aspiring and established image professionals build a profitable business.  She is also the editor of The Well Dressed Life, the popular daily style blog focused on busy, modern women.

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