5 Ways to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes

5 Ways to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes

Mornings are chaotic. You’re running late. The kids are dragging their tiny feet, they won’t finish their breakfast and can’t find their shoes. You have a meeting and need to look the part, but you woke up to a closet full of nothing to wear. “This isn’t normal,” you think, “other people don’t live like this.” Well, they do. We all do. Most of us have our version of a frantic morning. And while I can’t get your kids (or mine) to stop acting like absent-minded professors, I can help you get dressed in 5 minutes.

Imagine how much easier the mornings would be, even with all of the moving parts, if getting dressed was a breeze. It can be. Below are 5 Quick Tips to Help you Get Dressed in 5 Minutes.


5 Ways to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes

1. Edit your Wardrobe.
Too many options are overwhelming and distracting. By pairing down your choices, you’ll have more to wear. Join our Free Monthly 30 Challenge, where we help followers and readers define their style and organize their current wardrobe. It will help you eliminate unnecessary items in your closet and uncover the hidden gems. (You can check out our video on how to organize your closet for more helpful tips!)

2. Designate Two Emergency Outfits.
Even the most organized person has a day when their brain doesn’t start firing off until noon. One those mornings, grab an emergency outfit. An office appropriate little black dress, or slim lined pants and a blouse are all you need. Create some go-to accessories, a long, modern necklace, and simple pumps and you’ll be out the door in no time.

3. Lay your outfit out the night before.
We all know this works, so why don’t we do it? The nights can often be as hectic as the mornings, but taking 5 minutes before bed to lay out your outfit will save you 15 minutes fighting in your closet in the morning.

4. Organize your outfits on Sunday.
If you want to be extra ambitious, pull your outfits together on Sunday afternoon. This practice has been my saving grace for years. Look at your upcoming week and see what you need. Whether I have a week filled with meetings, travel or lots of gym days, I make sure I have what I need for each day. Once the outfits are pulled together I hang them in the front of my closet, or if they are getting packed, I hang them on a door hook until it’s time to put them in my suitcase. Spending one hour on a Sunday organizing your outfits will save you hours at the end of the week. The best part is that the more you do this, the easier and more organized you become. I can get my week ready in less than 30 minutes now.

5. Keep up on maintenance.
This seems simple enough, but I can’t tell you how many clients don’t wear something because it needs a mend, has to be cleaned or just needs a good iron. You can’t get dressed if you don’t have what you need.  Keep up the maintenance of your clothes and you’ll always have something to wear. Make a point to stay on schedule. We make a habit of always dropping off our dry cleaning on Tuesday; we get a loyalty discount that day as a bonus. Everything is ready on Friday, so we have some of our finished pieces ready for the upcoming week. When you notice a fallen hem or a broken button, immediately take it out of your closet and in a pile for the dry cleaner. Most will be able to take care of minor fixes.


Megan Kristel is the founder of Kristel Closets, Inc.  Established in 2006, Kristel Closets, Inc. has a team of image consultants and personal shoppers in the metro regions of Philadelphia, New Jersey/ New York and Washington D.C. In addition to Kristel Closets, Inc., Megan is the creator of Style Maker University, an online coaching program designed to help aspiring and established image professionals build a profitable business.  She is also the editor of The Well Dressed Life, the popular daily style blog focused on busy, modern women.

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