Work with a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant

  • Are you overwhelmed by a closet full of nothing to wear?
  • Is it time to take it up a notch with your work wardrobe?
  • Do you want to elevate your style, and not sure where to start?

Working with a  Personal Shopper and Image Consultant is a great way to organize your wardrobe, define your style and understand the best way to dress for all aspects of your life.

We make it fast, fun and easy. To learn more, take a peek at our rates and packages or request our information kit. 

Since 2006, Kristel Closets, Inc. has offered image consulting and personal shopping for busy, modern men and women. We are the original creators of  the 3 Step Process, created as a map to guarantee our clients get the most out of their time and investment.

Working with an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper is as easy as 1 – 2- 3!

Personal Shopper Process


We created our 3 Step Process to ensure that all clients received the best level of service while still allowing for customization.

Step One

You’ll meet your local consultant in your home.  Here you’ll go through your wardrobe, come up with a list of priorities and edit your items as necessary.  Upon booking your first appointment, you will receive our New Client Check List and Questionnaire that we ask  you complete prior to our arrival.

Step Two

With a clear agenda and understanding or your needs and budget it’s time to shop! You’ll meet your consultant at a predetermined store. Imagine walking into a private dressing room with items hand selected just for you! Your image consultant and personal shopper will work before you meet to select and organize the items that will work best for you.  Shopping has never been so easy!

Step Three 

Now it’s time to pull everything together.  After your shopping appointment, you will meet back in your closet with your completed wardrobe and see how everything goes together.  Your consultant will show you how to wear your new clothes with your existing items. Your consultant will document how to wear your pieces with our custom hangtags – so you always wake up to closet full of outfit you LOVE to wear.

Because each client is unique the three step process can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our Platinum Hanger Package guarantees you will experience all three steps.  Schedule a 15 minute consultation to determine what package is best for you. 


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